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Rental Program FAQs

What is the advantage of renting an instrument?

If you’re not sure whether or not your child is going to commit to an instrument, renting is a very cost effective option. Rental payments range from $29 to $84 per month, depending on the type of instrument your child chooses. The monthly rental payment is a fraction of the cost of buying a quality musical instrument outright. Plus, if your child wants to switch to another instrument, you can easily exchange a rental instrument (and carry over your accumulated equity*), as opposed to having to purchase (or rent) a different instrument.

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What is your rent-to-own program and how does it work?

Our exclusive rent-to-own program means 100% of your base rental payments (excluding tax and maintenance) are applied towards the purchase of your instrument or any band or orchestral instrument of equal or greater value than the instrument you are renting.

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What brands of instruments do you rent?

We rent band instruments from Yamaha, Selmer, Jupiter, Buffet, Bach, Conn, Armstrong and Gemeinhardt. We rent strings from several quality manufacturers, including Yamaha and Eastman.

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Should I buy an instrument from a retailer that does not specialize in musical instruments?

That’s always an option. The best thing to do is check with your music teacher before you buy it. Often times, instruments purchased at a store other than a music store may not meet the minimum quality standards for reliability and durability that will help your child to be successful in music. Our rental fleet not only meets all quality control benchmarks but all of the instruments in our fleet are checked over by our experienced repair staff prior to being rented.

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When can I buy my child’s rental instrument?

Anytime. Once you’re confident your child will continue to play that instrument through middle school and maybe high school, it’s definitely time to consider buying. With our rental program, your base rental payment goes towards the purchase of the instrument you are renting or, if you decide to upgrade, your rental payments can be applied to the purchase of an intermediate or professional instrument.

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What if my child wants to switch instruments?

You may switch instruments to another band or orchestral instrument at any time, providing your contract is in force and your payments are current. If there is a difference in the monthly price between your current rental and the new rental, you will be responsible for whatever the monthly rental price is of the new instrument.

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What if I want to upgrade my child’s student instrument?

That’s easy. We simply apply all of your equity to the new intermediate or professional instrument. Then, you have the option of purchasing the instrument outright and taking an additional 20% off your balance or financing the instrument over 12 months. It’s your choice. Just let us know how you want to proceed.

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What if my child needs a bigger instrument?

If your child chooses a stringed instruments (violins, violas, cellos, bass), he or she may outgrow the instrument during the school year. In this case, simply call or stop by the store, and we will exchange the instrument for the next size up. (If you’re not sure what size you need to get next, make sure to check with your teacher.)

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What if my rental instrument is damaged?

Our maintenance fee covers any repair or general maintenance needed throughout the contract, other than purposeful damage. The fee doesn’t cover broken strings, reeds, chipped mouthpieces, bows or other disposable accessories.

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